Rebecca Steindl

Rebecca Steindl


Rebecca Steindl is our much loved director, business owner and leading family law solicitor Steindl Bradley and Associates. As a member of the Steindl family, she was welcomed into the family business after parting ways with the field of primary-school education. Beginning where all up-and-coming legal professionals begin, she entered the world of law as a paralegal under the direction of Leigh Steindl in 2004.

Always the quick learner, Rebecca took on management of the conveyancing department. Her time as a paralegal provided three valuable assets which were key in paving her path to the present: irreplaceable knowledge and experience, a foot in the door, and importantly a steady income. However, although she was an excellent conveyancer, her father wanted to actually retire one day and began to talk of “selling the business” or “closing the doors”. After a number of father-daughter arguments (father not wanting said daughter to take on the stressful career of a lawyer and said daughter telling father the world has changed – women can be lawyers and mothers), father relented and Rebecca began her studies in law (as an aside, her father never did end up retiring!).

Not many people are aware, but Rebecca played the part of three entirely separate people all crammed into one as she pursued her legal career throughout those years. She was a full-time academic law student, eager to learn and with a brain for academic writing; she was a full-time paralegal at Steindl Bradley working on expanding the practice into other areas of law under the supervision of Leigh Steindl; and importantly, she was a full-time parent to her three school-age children who have now grown into adults who embody values instilled in them by an excellent role model (guess who). 

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Star Wars or Battlestar Galactica?

Fast forward to the present day and Rebecca has assumed her position as the easy-going, down-to-earth leader of our team here at Steindl Bradley. She is an expert at allowing others to realise their own intrinsic value and potential, uniquely capable of making the hard decisions with empathy and a level head, and on top of it all, anybody can attest to the fact that she is a huge sci-fi nerd (Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica anyone?). 


Rebecca seeks out environments that involve continuous learning and thrives when presented with a challenge. Moreover, she enjoys being able to solve problems for others and supporting those who need it most. Combined with her natural and developed skills, these traits and values mean she excels in her chosen field.

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Looking forward, Rebecca is interested in expanding her expertise in commercial property law, branching out into other areas of law and advocating for amendments to the legal system in order to have a greater positive impact on the lives of others. One aspect of the law she has mentioned she finds particularly drawn to is the characterisation of virtual property in both estate and family law spheres, and quirkily, addressing the desire by many separating couples to formalise custody arrangements of the family pets. In family law, pets are not recognised as sentient beings under the law and are dealt with as property during a separation. Having three (adorable may I mention) canine companions as members of her family, she understands that our fur-babies are (for many of us) our children!